There is probably no better way than beach sun tanning to catch up with this tanning trend. It serves the twin purposes of relaxation and tanning. At the beach you can even use a nude sun bath and enjoy a uniform tan all over the body.

Lying next to the beech is a preferred practice for achieving a tanned look.

Every summer, tanning enthusiasts rush to the beach to sunbathe. There is probably no better way than beach sun tanning to catch up with this tanning trend. Beach tanning serves the twin goals of relaxation and tanning. On the beach you can even use nude sun baths which offer effective and uniform tanning all over the body.

Beach tanning is thus a delightful and rejuvenating experience.

But you shouldn’t overexpose yourself to the sun. Most of us, crave lying in the natural setting under the sun for that natural tan look and the beach is probably the best place to enjoy a sun bath. But beach tanning requires you to stay near the shore for several weeks. One hour of daily exposure is required for at least ten days to give you a better tan appearance.

However there are certain set of precautions to protect your skin while undergoing beach tanning. You must not neglect this precaution. Using a good and tested moisturizer just happens to be a prerequisite before sunbathing. It is always better to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. If you go for a totally nude tan, you will need to protect your breasts through an effective moisturizing cream. So always apply protective cream on your genitals. The best recommended time for beach sun tanning is before 10 a.m.

While enjoying the beach sun tanning, you have to be very careful in providing fluids for your body to maintain the body’s water balance. Beach tanning is sometimes not suitable for very oily skin due to the excessive humidity on the beach. They can enjoy sunbathing in places far from the beach.

A number of spas and salons are available along the side coast in America to help you enhance the tan you’ve gotten through a sun bath on the beach. They also offer their services to provide your post skin sun shower care. The effects of these tanning sessions last for several months. While many people, now a day, prefer the color light brown. So they prefer to lie under a sun canopy and use a specific cream that helps them receive their desired skin tone.